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Today i am going to tell you how to make a website in very less time and less money.Through this post, I will tell you how to make a website believe me its very easy. Creating a site is not a difficult task, today such applications have come from which you can create your website within 2 hours. Some people say that they need a free website in which they do not have to spend a single penny. But, let me tell them that you will only waste your time and affords, because you can neither bring traffic nor earn money from free website. Therefore, you should not get caught in the free website, if you want to earn, then buy a paid website. Before making a site, you should think well what kind of website you want to create. To build a site you will need some components.Three major components that we must understand first.NUMBER 1- DOMAINThe Domain name is your website name and address, that address

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