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Simple PHP based availability calendar script with miltiple calendar support and user access controls. Multi Availability Calendar script will allow you to create and embed an unlimited number of availability calendars into your website and instantly manage service availability. Each calendar uses separate options and setting controls, so you can manage them separately or assign different users to control and manage each calendar. Only the script administrator can create users and give them access to calendars. Admin can also choose not to give a user access to installation code and/ or calendar options.
Multi Availability Calendar script has an easy-to-use and password secure online control panel which lets you manage available & booked dates, user access, integration and calendar appearance: size, colours, date statuses, language, etc.
Install the English, German or French version of Multi Availability Calendar available by default, but you can also include any other language by editing one of the three external language files.
With a Developer License use Multi Availability Calendar script on an unlimited number of websites, modify the PHP SOURCE CODE or re-brand the script! We do not limit the number of the websites you can use the multi user calendar on. A developer Licence is an ideal solution for web programmers who want to use a multi user availability calendar for work-projects and on their clients' websites. You will cut down the expenses while having also the opportunity to extend and build on a professional and stable ground. Regular updates, one time fee & FREE installation support. Fully featured FREE Demo is available for our multi user calendar!

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