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"* Scalable architecture, allowing to easily adopt new features.
* Lightweight, easy of use, and useful.
* Loosed-couple, just use what you need and nothing more.
* Some JSR-250 and JSR-330 annotations.
* Setter Injection (For arrays, scalar values, php code, and references to other beans).
* Constructor Injection (For the same data types as above).
* Method Injection (So you can have dependencies in singletons that must be created on demand).
* Can define factory beans, factory classes, and factory methods to create beans.
* Managed bean lifecycle (for singletons and prototypes).
* Initialization and destruction methods called by the container.
* Aspects (as in aspect oriented programming).
* Lightweight implementation of the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern.
* Annotations used by helpers and the container (i.e: @InitMethod, @DestroyMethod, @Controller, @ErrorHandler, etc).
* Can cache proxies and bean definitions with Zend_Cache, Memcached, Filesystem, and APC.
* Integration with PAMI and PAGI. So you can make asterisk (telephony) applications via agi and ami.
* Helpers: SignalHandler, ErrorHandler, ShutdownHandler, Timer, Syslog, TCPServer, TCPClient, etc."

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